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Generations of the Orel family have lived and worked in Avber, the highest village in the Karst.
The village and the family farm are surrounded by vineyards which are located at an elevation of 350 to over 400 metres above sea-level. There are stunning views of the rest of the Karst from the village. In addition to premium and award-winning wines, organically reared cika cattle are a special feature of our farm.

We carry out most of the work on our farm ourselves – cultivating the vineyards, winemaking, and marketing and selling the wine. The predominant grape variety in our vineyards is refosco, from which we produce Teran wine, which is our main product and pride and joy. We also produce Vitovska grganja, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon and other premium wines. Our wines have received numerous awards. We also produce an aromatised dessert wine – Teran liqueur.

Our Teran has been fulfilling the requirements for the recognised traditional denomination PTP since 1994. We sell our wine in our wine cellar, in wine shops in various outlets and restaurants, or we can deliver it directly to our buyers. We have been investing a lot of effort in producing top-quality wines for a number of years. As a result, our wines, particularly Teran PTP, have received numerous awards at wine appraisals, both in the local area and in wider Slovenia.

Our Teran PTP has consistently been ranked among the top ten wines in recent years at the Teran and Prosciutto Festival in Dutovlje. Similarly, our wines were awarded numerous gold medals at the Vino Slovenija wine assessment. We offer guided wine tasting (also available in English and Italian) for groups of up to 60 people, which includes a tour of our cellar, which is carved into the bedrock.

Družina Orel

Since 2015 the farm has been managed by the young farmer Matjaž Orel. Since the Karst is becoming increasingly overgrown, and because we had the chance to add a supplementary activity to the farm, we started breeding livestock. Due to the scarcity of grass and hay in the Karst, we decided to breed the native cika cattle, which we rear for the sale of organic beef.

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Alenka Orel

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