CIKA – native Slovenian cattle breed

As a result of a decline in livestock breeding, the Karst was starting to become overgrown. We had a desire to preserve the tradition of our farm, which in the past was a mixed farm, as are most farms in the area. Our ancestors produced wine and vegetables and they bred animals. This led us to the decision to expand our activities to livestock breeding. We chose the breed of cattle by taking into account the local features.

Cika cattle, which are shorter in stature, are the best choice for the rocky and dry Karst. We opted to rear the cattle organically, which means that the herd grazes on pastures and is fed exclusively with hay and organically permitted feed. By mowing the grass, we make sure our animals are not hungry and also that our beautiful Karst is no longer quite so overgrown.

Due to the climatic conditions, the animals spend the entire year on the pastures. We leave all the milk to the calves and instead we sell and process organic meat.